INDIANAPOLIS Friday”s game against Ohio State marked the final time that six Wolverines would suit up in the maize and blue. Tri-captains Chris Young, Leon Jones and Rotolu Adebiyi, as well as Mike Gotfredson, Herb Gibson and Ron Garber, leave the team after careers in a program mired by off-court problems, on-court failures and the recent coaching transition. All six, though, were model players, and were victims of a program that was going through a great deal of difficulty. They leave as role models coach Tommy Amaker has repeatedly offered his gratitude and accolades to this class.

Paul Wong

“You learn about what it means to be a part of something that hasn”t gone as well,” Amaker said of his departing seniors. “Their willingness to do whatever it takes for the group. When they do that every day, that”s a great lesson for everyone. It”s been a great pleasure to coach these kids.”

Bomb diffused: After his first career start for the Wolverines on Thursday, freshman Dommanic Ingerson got the nod again against Ohio State. But after a lazy defensive effort on an Ohio State possession in the second half, Ingerson returned to the Michigan bench amidst scoldings from his coaches and teammates. He did not return to the game, giving junior Gavin Groninger an opportunity to play some minutes. Groninger missed two crucial 3-pointers in the closing minute of the game that would have put Michigan in a position to win.

Apparently, Ingerson”s defensive mistakes weren”t entirely his fault.

“One of our game plans was to try and foot step their shooters over their stagger screens,” Young said. “And a couple of times (Ingerson) ran into a stagger screen, and he wasn”t doing a good job fighting over the screen.

“It wasn”t just Dom”s fault though. He was a victim of the circumstance, because it was his guy scoring, but it was the team”s fault for letting his guy score.”

Ingerson did manage to post a career-high five rebounds.

B-returning? There has been some question among fans and the media as to whether sophomore Bernard Robinson would return to the Wolverines next season. When asked about it following Friday”s loss, Robinson responded simply with, “I hope so.”

Three like mike: Prior to Friday”s game, Mike Gotfredson had scored 27 career points for the Wolverines all on 3-pointers.

He had never converted a field goal from within the 3-point line, and had never taken a shot from the charity stripe.

And while Gotfredson will leave Michigan having never knocked down a free throw, he did manage to score his first career two-point field goal. With 10:58 remaining in the second half of his final game, Gotfredson hit a jumper from about 10 feet out that cut the Ohio State lead to five.

He had been 0-for-3 from within the 3-point line before Friday.

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