After the alleged Limp Bizkit Guitar Center Guitarist Search scandal, in which Limp Bizkit is not only accused of already having hired a female guitarist replacement prior to the whole “search” process, but also of stealing un-copyrighting guitar riffs from aspiring contestants, it’s hard to trust anything that comes out of the Durst camp.

Paul Wong
Paul Wong
Courtesy of Geffen
Thesse guyss are Sinisstar.

At a time when simply “the music” doesn’t necessarily speak for itself, and label-based imaging has paved the new path for this decades music scene, the recent surgence in goth-rock is not entirely surprising, considering the market for bands looking like they maxed out the corporate card at Hot Topic has become somewhat of a gold mine.

With a quick glance at Sinisstar, it’s more than understandable that one might quickly right off the band as nothing more than a third generation rip off of the darker trend a la Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.

Dreadlocks, fishnets, and platform boots usually serve as eye candy, distracting the audience’s attention and masking the fact that on stage there is nothing in the least bit musical going on.

As these boys proved Wednesday night, opening for Rocker legend Rob Zombie, there is more to Sinisstar than meets the eye.

Actually taking the time to compose their own songs with genuinely musical attributes, as opposed to the formulaic verse, slight key change for chorus, verse structure that can be found in any top ten list, Sinisstar does more than simply look good on stage.

Combining a retro ’80s big guitar sound with the modern marvel of electronic based programming might sound like a bad idea, considering the darker influences that reigns over Sinisstar’s musical creations.

Fortunately, since their endeavor was tackled with the correct acoustic precision, the result is more than marvelous.

Its about time for bands to actually have someone who can sing occupying the position of singer, and as for edgy he more than fits the bill, sticking with vocalization as opposed to screeching, leaving the hoarse grunts up to back up screamer Shadow.

Revisiting the greater times of old, China lays it down with incredible speed and proficiency on the guitar; doing more than the usual three chord, drop d combinations that have become the sadly excepted norm of today’s radio hits.

They are able to rip through a 45 minute set and still manage to captivate an audience that couldn’t give two shits about the opening band.

It’s no wonder that despite the fact Sinisstar’s debut album, Future Shock, has yet to be released, they managed to not only open for Zombie, but secured future slots with Static-X and even possibly this summer’s Ozzfest, which kicks off on July 6.

Rob Zombie is filling the spot left empty by Chris Cornell and the remaining members of Rage Against the Machine since the group broke up.

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