“Gettin Mine”

Amy Song

Rick Ross ft. Freeway and Fabolous

With a beat that’s unabashedly similar to the crack-anthem “Blow” ‘s production from his breakout release Port of Miami, Rick Ross’s “Gettin Mine” is a mass of twangy, thin keyboards and shuffling percussion. Freeway rips through the track’s first verse, spitting lines of self-aggrandizement and shouts out to his native Pennsylvania. And before Fabolous can deliver his sly, rolling 16 bars, the song’s screwed and chopped chorus drops on the beat like a ton of bricks. With Freeway and Fabolous’s nasally deliveries, the drawling repeated “I’m gettin mine” is the perfect synthesis for this strangely bass-light cut. Ross closes the track with one of his signature bland verses and it’s over before you know it. Surprisingly, relatively few crack references and pimp proclamations abounded.


Rating:3 out of 5 stars

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