It has been eight years since The Killers came out with their first single, “Somebody Told Me” — a song so frighteningly addictive the world of indie-rock was never quite the same.


The Killers

Teenagers loved it; Top 40 Charts couldn’t do away with it; Radio stations were hooked.

The song and band were even featured in an early episode of “The O.C.” — and, as we all know, success doesn’t get much sweeter than playing at the Bait Shop for Marissa Cooper and the gang.

While the height of “Somebody Told Me” has long since come and gone, the band’s latest single proves that their glory days are far from over.

“Runaways,” from the upcoming album Battle Born, encompasses everything we’ve learned to love about The Killers for the past eight years.

The vocals are throaty and heartfelt, the instrumentals are strong and the lyrics provide a perfect balance between sweet nostalgia and electrifying hope. Sure, they won’t be playing at the Bait Shop anytime soon, but The Killers shouldn’t count their losses just yet.

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