There’s no shortage of sun-soaked nostalgia among indie rockers these days, but it’s always a relief to hear it done well. While others (Wavves, Surfer Blood, Best Coast, etc.) seem to rely more on texture or bratty attitude, Real Estate uses more familiar — and at times eclectic — ways to capture the sunlight. Taking most of its cues from ’80s dream pop (think The Church or the Go-Betweens), “Younger than Yesterday,” from the band’s anticipated new release Days, finds singer Matt Courtney winding wistful lyrics around breezy, slow-strummed guitars, the band adrift in a sea of jangling reverb and echo.

Real Estate

“Younger than Yesterday”

“Younger than Yesterday” transplants turn-of-the-’70s British folk changes with shoegaze at its most melodic; the track’s hypnotic, repeating guitar lines could be Fairport Convention in slow-motion. It’s a well-worn vintage sound, but thanks to Courtney’s eye for detail it sounds more out of time than stale. While it lacks the touchstones of psych-folk forebearers the Byrds — whose 1967 album of the same name was a staple of Summer-of-Love psychedelia — Real Estate’s latest is a lusty wash-over, never completely revealing the gorgeousness beneath the surface like a sunset in soft focus.

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