Just in time for December, of Montreal has released “Wintered Debts,” a seven-and-a-half-minute hodgepodge previewing the band’s 2012 album, Paralytic Stalks. It begins with singer Kevin Barnes’ lamentation, “Can’t survive another comedown day,” articulating what almost anyone feels upon the first miserable, slushy precipitation of winter.

“Wintered Debts

of Montreal

While “Wintered Debts” wallows lyrically, the musical mood wanders, fluctuating faster than Michigan weather. Barnes attempts to cheer himself up in a self-reflective whisper while a bizarre mix of plinking piano notes, electronic whirs and a lazily twanging guitar mingle in the background.

The song is restless, rapidly changing pace as Barnes alludes to various relatable issues, like mistrusting religion and slipping on your own vomit. The end features angelic “ahhh”s, robotic purring, tremolo-ing violins and frantic pianos, all combined with an alien, what-is-that sound.

“Wintered Debts” seems confused and manic, an accurate representation of Barnes’s frank ruminations. This track is essentially beautiful madness.

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