2011 was a long year for Matthew Dear fans who waited for a follow-up to 2010’s Black City. Well, maybe 2012 is their year, as the first track released from upcoming Beams is a gem.

Matthew Dear

Ghostly International

The song begins with an infectious digital percussion base — one that should be dearly (couldn’t resist) familiar to fans. But while this song opens like many of his others, it evolves into something that exudes a greater amount of cool. Dear has been perfecting a formula for some time now, and he seems to have gotten it exactly right.

The beginning is layered with disjointed whispering that morphs into a repetitively broken vocal line, but it’s not until about a third of the way through the track that we’re blessed with Dear’s astoundingly resonant voice. As the song progresses, the vocal line, which has become clear (“I suspect, as I speak, your hair grows down to your knees”), crumbles into incoherence once more.

The song is funky, flawlessly unwound and is a feel-good track for these (sometimes) cold January days — not to mention an enormously promising start to Dear’s body of work.

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