California band Girls’s latest single is a love song, and not just because it’s being released on a heart-shaped vinyl. Singer Christopher Owens wrote this song for Lawrence Hayward of the ’80s British band Felt, proclaiming his undying affinity and admiration.


True Panther

The single lacks Owens’s distinct androgynous whine, with no lyrics in it at all. This absence makes “Lawrence” feel more like a demo than a single, but it doesn’t really matter: It’s clear that Owens isn’t releasing this song because he thinks of it as a “hit.” “Lawrence” is a simple track loaded with personal sentiment; Owens is giving Hayward a musical, probably platonic valentine.

The song has an enigmatic and somewhat angsty beginning with a guitar ambling along moodily. The chorus — a romantic conflation of “oohs” and “ahs” — defines it. The melody is repetitive but never stale, and is eventually joined by a flirtatious flute. “Lawrence” pauses in the last minute, ending with a lucid guitar solo and an upbeat and satisfied intermingling of every instrument falling into place.

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