Spike Jonze’s wildly anticipated adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are” not only features a screenplay by literary favorite Dave Eggers — writer of “Away We Go” — but a soundtrack including a series of collaborations by such hipster heavyweights as Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox, Liars’s Aaron Hemphill and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O. This assortment of high-profile artists has teamed together under the name Karen O and the Kids to produce a series of tracks capturing the picture’s mischievous nature. The soundtrack’s first single “All Is Love” features subdued, lullaby-like guitar strings and an untrained childrens’ choir carrying the song’s simplistic notes. The chorus, proclaiming the powers of human emotion, highlights the curious nature of the film’s child protagonist. Uncomplicated and jovial, the track grants a glimpse of what the picture may offer.

Karen O and the Kids

“All Is Love”

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