Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Kanye is pulling our collective leg or not. He collaborates with Jay-Z on his new latest single “H.A.M.,” but the track is pure Kanye — that is, it’s the work of a slightly unhinged creative genius. It’s apocalyptic and stylish, complete with slick electronic beats and an orchestral grandness. Although both rappers aggressively spit about how they’re about to go “hard as a muthafucker,” it also features the vocal stylings of an eerie chamber singer.

Kanye West and Jay-Z


Is the diabolical pair trying to be satirical? Both superstar’s rhymes are the typical cocksure fare, with Jay-Z reminding any doubtful listeners just how “hard” he is. “I play chicken with a Mack truck / Y’all muthafuckers woulda been moved.” After a satisfying beat in the beginning, the track starts to trail off when everything drops, save the angelic female vocalist serenading us, before a blood pressure-raising ending.

It’s solid and inventive, which might be attributable to the young but talented 19-year-old producer Lex Luger assisting on the track. Ultimately, “H.A.M.,” (despite the laughable acronym) offers up a delectable morsel from the upcoming album, Watch The Throne, on which Jay-Z and Kanye are collaborating. If this ridiculously epic track is any indication, the album is bound to be explosive.

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