First, before “DoYaThing” can be assessed, some context is needed: The single was organized by Converse, and will be released as a free download on their website today. Yes, the shoe company. Who knows.


Gorillaz feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000

But while the artists here will receive (and yeah, maybe do deserve) a bit of criticism for “selling out,” think about it for a second. Converse managed to pull off a pretty big blockbuster single here. They baited LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy out of his retirement from music, coerced OutKast’s André 3000 into rapping and singing for the better half of the song (literally), and combined them with Gorillaz for a fresh new track.

And yet, it almost didn’t work. Almost. The beat is awkward, Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn tries and fails at rapping, and James Murphy sings a weird, warbling chorus. But then, two minutes in, André 3000 takes the reins of the whole song — and damn, if they cut everything before his introduction, Converse would have a hit on their hands. His lines are sick, his pacing is Gatling-gun quick, and he dominates in comparison.

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