The London band Fanfarlo’s latest single, “Deconstruction,” intrigues from the start, opening with bizarre noises that sound like rewinding tapes or literally deconstructing songs (to go along with the track’s theme). But little time is allotted for speculation as the ambiguous sounds establish a punctual pattern and the song takes off into a cheery ditty. From that point on, “Deconstruction” is dance-worthy but disappointingly predictable.



The music video features the hard-at-work artists in a studio while a metronome ticks on, mimicking the song’s energetic and relentless pulse. The melody is particularly pleasant as Simon Balthazar lectures on “focus and direction,” joined by Cathy Lucas in a male-female harmonization. Everything inevitably escalates into a symphonic blend of trumpets, forceful drumbeats and tremolo-ing violins. But the brass is sleepy and whatever chaos the drumming attempts to incite is much too controlled. The violins resemble those of Arcade Fire’s “Empty Room,” which is to say they are rousing but, alas, already done. The music video features a pseudo-Nico — a black-clad blonde whispering in German, pausing to artily take a drag on her cigarette afterward. A quick Internet translation reveals she is musing about a “cacophony of words and corridors full of life,” summing up the irony of “Deconstruction” given the tritely structured — albeit pleasing — harmony maintained throughout the song.

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