Christina Aguilera refers to her latest single, “Your Body,” as the rebirth of her singing career, and it is exactly that — an Xtina song reborn into the world of basic music.

Your Body

Christina Aguilera

The writing and production was mainly contributed by Max Martin, the hit-maker whom labels insist on hiring for nearly every pop artist nowadays. Lately, however, Martin seems to be the king of songs with fast initial sales followed by an equally fast burnout, and “Your Body” will be no exception.

The same hard-hitting beats and synthesized vocal “Oooo”’s — nearly identical to the sound in Martin’s other work “One More Night” by Maroon 5 — are nothing new. And the rhythm and melody are almost exactly that of Jessie J’s “Abracadabra.”

The lyrics about Xtina’s one night stand aren’t even worth a discussion.

Powerful vocals in the bridge and final chorus would make for at least one redeeming aspect to the song, but since this is a Aguilera song, they’re merely expected. Even Aguilera’s flop Bionic had more musical complexity.

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