Back when it humbly began, “Rubicon” made one thing very clear: Its viewers are going to have to be patient. And for four weeks, the majority of each episode seemed to be devoted to the main characters frowning and looking around their apartments, offices, and houses. But then things got exciting with action, suspense and intrigue surrounding the crazy covert operations driving the series forward. But this week’s episode “The Truth Will Out” started to retract back into the awkward-silence hole the show was stuck in early on. Yes, there was some excitement that will definitely amount to a big reveal in an upcoming episode, but there was also a grand return to pacing and scowling. While “Rubicon” centers on its enigmatic conspiracy, the real mystery is whether the show’s pacing will ever get resolved.

“Rubicon” — “The Truth Will Out”

Sundays at 9 p.m.

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