Scoring system: (Last game’s points, overall points, single-game wins)

Morgan Morel
Scott Bell (C. Sims, G. Brown, S. Harrell, A. Brzozowicz) (10, 397, 3)
Morgan Morel
Matt Singer (D. Harris, C. Hunter, A. Ba, H. Grooms) (20, 426, 6)
Morgan Morel
Kevin Wright (D. Horton, J. Shepherd, B. Petway, T. Sanchez, P. DeVries) (22, 444, 9)
Morgan Morel
Jack Herman (L. Abram, R. Coleman, J. Smith, K. Price) (18, 339, 4)

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine a scenario where my leading scorer was Jevohn Shepherd — – and I still won.

Saturday, in a game that was basically over from the start, Shepherd had nine points, and I won.

Meanwhile, Daniel Horton struggled to find an open look in the first half and sat out most of the second frame due to a thigh bruise.

But in a game brimming with mop-up time, my second and third contributors came through to carry my team.

Well, once again, I had just one active player, with two injuries and a redshirt limiting my team to Ron Coleman. Luckily, the way he played, I almost eked out the victory.

Coleman led the team in points, and, once again, showed he has no problem hitting one from way – and I mean way — downtown.

Unfortunately, I think there’s only so long I can go with just one player. I hope you’re reading this, training staff.

Courtney Sims could have gone 0-for-20 on Saturday, killed my dog and insulted my mother, and I still couldn’t say anything bad about him today.

That’s because on Wednesday, Sims did all he could to keep Michigan in the game against a hot-shooting Buckeye team. He went 13-for-16 for 26 points and also collected a season-high 16 rebounds.

But once Dion Harris went out with an injury, Sims has seen nothing but double teams and will keep seeing them until the team gets healthy.

With Dion Harris out with an ankle sprain, Chris Hunter’s production is critical, both for the Wolverines and my team.

Against Purdue, Hunter was one of the few Wolverines who showed any offensive ability at all. Although I doubt he called his first banked-in 3-pointer, Hunter generally looked sharp. The whole team could learn a lesson from his aggressiveness.

Harris’s absence also allowed Hayes Grooms to get significant minutes. But he won’t put up many points.

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