The Joy of Sing-Sing
Manifesto Records Inc

Paul Wong

Sing-Sing’s debut album, The Joy of Sing-Sing, features fast-paced techno beats behind the soft and simple voice of Lisa O’Neil. Emma Anderson, formerly of Lush, provides guitar and backing vocals for Sing-Sing, along with much of the instrumental writing.
O’Neil’s voice lacks the brassy or vibrato quality we have come to expect from female vocalists. Sing-Sing is more closely identifiable with the vocal styles of Garbage or Sneaker Pimps. The melodies behind the voice are not as rock driven as early Garbage, but are comparable to some of their later efforts. The album also has a bit of a retro feel, looking back to Blondie and the ’80s pop we all sort of remember. While these influences may compromise the originality of the album at times, Sing-Sing uses some innovative techniques to set their music apart from the ghosts of pop past.
The instrumental scope on this record rivals any electronic music coming out of Detroit. A winding jack in the box opens the album and adds to its childlike qualities, before the song quickly changes key and tone yet continues to thread a similar eerie sound throughout the track. Harp programming appears between verses on “

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