STATE COLLEGE – DeShawn Sims can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

Sims has gone 1-for-10, 1-for-9 and 2-for-11 from the field in his last three games. And that streak is just four games removed from a run of 2-for-7, 3-for-10, 1-for-7 and 4-for-19.

Obviously, Michigan coach John Beilein has taken notice of what he called “a heck of a big shooting slump.” Although Sims took 10 shots at Penn State Saturday, Beilein was unimpressed with nine.

“I like the one we set up for him, and Manny hit him right in the numbers,” Beilein said. “I was standing right behind him. It kind of looked like it was going dead in, and then it didn’t go in. And that was really the only time that I thought he had a shot that really had a chance of going in.”

Beilein offered a simple solution.

“He’s just got to believe in himself,” Beilein said. “Most times, people lose confidence, they shoot sort of not to miss instead of to make.”

But Sims doesn’t think that’s his problem.

“I feel good about every shot I take,” Sims said. “The shots almost go in. I don’t miss long or don’t miss bad. The shots just about go in. But I have to put more focus and more energy . on putting the shots in the rim.”

Despite the slump, Sims still leads the team in 3-pointers.

“The mistake right now would be to not shoot it when you’re open,” Beilein said.

But, once again, Sims claimed that’s not his problem.

“I never give up, and I just keep going,” Sims said.

Although an offensive solution remains elusive, Sims said he’s proud his defense and rebounding haven’t fallen off during the slump.

In the zone: The Wolverines successfully used zone defenses a few times Saturday. Earlier in the season, they played Beilein’s 1-3-1 as their standard defense but have shied away from it in Big Ten games.

Beilein said he typically uses less zone defense during conference play, but Sims offered another explanation for the change.

“We have to get better at it,” Sims said. “Right now, learning it in the midst of a season is not (what) Coach wants to do.”

Either way, when Michigan used multiple zone looks out of dead-ball situations, Penn State usually missed or turned the ball over.

“It took them out of their rhythm a little bit,” Beilein said.

The one exception was when Nittany Lion point guard Talor Battle hit a long 3-pointer over the 1-3-1 with less than four minutes left.

Boiling over: Beilein picked up his first technical foul of the season for arguing with officials after sophomore center Ekpe Udoh picked up his third foul with less than six minutes left in the first half.

The Wolverines responded with a 9-0 run to tie the game at 28.

“I think the team didn’t want to see me get another technical,” Beilein said. “They just responded, and it was great.”

With about a minute left in the game, Beilein became angry again when the officials granted Penn State a timeout instead of a five-second inbound violation. As Beilein yelled across the court, Udoh followed him along the sideline to stay between his coach and the referees.

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