Instead of just a regular meal, patrons of Silvio’s Organic Pizza may soon have a dinner-and-a-show experience.

Silvio Medoro, owner of Silvio’s Organic Pizza located at 715 N. University Ave., said he received a temporary dancing permit, but is waiting for state approval for the rest of the restaurant’s entertainment license. Medoro said he applied for the permit to enhance the customer experience.

“We want to make this place more fun,” Medoro said.

Silvio’s currently hosts weekly performances by Classical Revolution Ann Arbor, a local orchestra group, in addition to live shows by jazz and other local bands.

Anissa Bowden, administrative coordinator for the Ann Arbor City Council, said the city signed off on the restaurant’s dancing permit. But the liquor license, which is incorporated into the entertainment license, still needs state approval, Bowden confirmed.

Once Silvio’s receives the official license, it will open the floor to more local Ann Arbor performers. Medoro plans to create a dance floor that can hold about 20 people by moving tables and chairs from part of the dining area.

Medoro said the restaurant has already received performance requests from local reggae and tango artists. Codrin Cionca, a Milonga tango dancer and an assistant research scientist in the Physics Department, put in a request to perform and said he believes the restaurant will benefit from the dance performances.

“It’s not just dancing,” Cionca said. “It’s also a visual event. There are people, non-dancers, who come here to eat, and they enjoy watching because it’s a beautiful dance to watch.”

Medoro added that despite the music and dance projects, the restaurant will remain committed to providing quality, healthy food.

“We try not to keep the music too loud so students will enjoy it,” Medoro said. “People can still come here for a fine dining experience.”

Ann Arbor resident Carl Zanardo, a Silvio’s regular, said he thinks the addition of dance performances would help bring a more diverse crowd to the restaurant.

“You’ll literally see young people come in to dance. You’ll see older people come in to dance,” Zanardo said. “It’s nice — everyone gets along together. There’s wine, there’s good music. It just works.”

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