“Where is he getting this shit?” wondered Spoon drummer Jim Eno, referring to long time friend and Spoon frontman Britt Daniels. On the band’s latest album, Gimme Fiction, Daniels wowed even his fellow bandmates with an array of dazzling, inspired lyrics that the band carved into 11 tracks of indie-rock excellence.

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“It was exciting to actually make the record because Britt would give me some demos and then every demo would blow away the previous one,” Eno said. “I was pretty psyched about the record from early on because I knew the songs were great.” Luckily, Eno feels that Spoon’s finished product lives up to this expectation, and Gimme Fiction is “on the songwriting side … probably the best stuff Britt has written,” Eno said.

It sounds like everything is on the right track for these unlikely heroes of indie-rock. But Spoon wasn’t always so successful, or so appreciated. The band wears a record industry-inflicted scar like a badge of courage. Dropped from Elektra’s label in 1998 after the band refused to rework some of their songs into “hits,” the band struggled to come out from under the title as the band that was bowled over by Elektra.

Eno seemed confident about the situation in retrospect. “That was seven years ago, and we’ve done a lot since then,” he said. “We got dropped, and we’re still together after we got dropped, you know? In my opinion, there are a lot of bands that got dropped that are still together.”

Spoon, too, hasn’t let the Elektra fiasco stop them. “What we decided to do is just not let that get in the way of what we felt like we needed to do as far as concentrating and putting out good records and touring on them. So that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing.”

Elektra must be kicking themselves these days. With the inclusion of “The Way We Get By” on Music from “The O.C.”: Mix One, a whole new legion of Spoon fans were initiated to their unique sound, or lack thereof. Interestingly enough, Eno agreed. “It’s sort of weird. The lack of a sound is our sound.” He added “I’ve always been a fan of simplicity and space and things like that, and Britt has too. It’s sort of a stripped-down, less-is-more-type attitude.”

Spoon fans will get a taste of their new album and old favorites this Saturday night during their concert at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. For those who can’t make the show, Eno also revealed a treat for iTunes users. “We recorded a song that’s actually up now on iTunes. It’s pretty cool.”

As for their future; “We’re trying to get away from the three-year release period for our records, so we’re actually booking studio time for next year and trying to work on stuff,” Eno explained. After the fans’s eager expectation for Gimme Fiction, Spoon is looking to change only the amount of time between their records, but “not the anticipation.” Eno added, laughing, “We just want to get them out sooner.”

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