Silver Side Up, Nickelback

Paul Wong
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Roadrunner Records

This is how the new Nickelback album reminds me of every rock record released in the “90s: Buzzsaw guitars, studio slick drums and guitarless verses, pushed by punchy bass lines that explode into a guitar driven chorus of raging testosterone or flannel wearing insecurity.

If not for the name on the front of the album and the lack of the English accent, one could swear that Silver Side Up was the new Bush album (it”d be a step up from The Science of Things). Not that Bush patented the rock sound they flaunt. They stole it from Pearl Jam, who stole it from Nirvana who stole it from the Pixies.

This album is every bit as good as Pearl Jam”s Ten but plagued by the fact its 2001, not 1991. Countless bands have ridden the same rock wave to great success. Their sound is old hat but they wear it well. If you”re not caught up in Radiohead and can still appreciate a good guitar rock album the new Nickelback rocks, albeit in a familiar fashion.

Grade: B

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