After interviewing the three candidates for the seat on City Council, the Sierra Club, a well-known national environmental conservation group, announced their support for independent candidate and current Councilmember Jane Lumm (I–Ward 2).

James D’Amour, political chair of the Sierra Club Huron Valley Group, said in a statement that Lumm’s beliefs have clashed with the club’s in the past, but her current work and record make her a good choice for the organization.

“Her tireless service to the community has earned her our continued endorsement, on the issue of parklands protection in particular,” D’Amour said. “She has been earnestly cooperative and wanting to work with us on all of our issues, from parks protection, to the Pall-Gelman plume, to alternative energy, and shares our concerns on new challenges such as the threat of hydrofracking in the Ann Arbor area.”

The Sierra Club backed Lumm in her 2011 campaign to rejoin city council after giving up her seat in 1998. The club chose not to endorse her then because of her opposition to some aspects of their greenbelt work.

Lumm said she supported parts of efforts to improve the greenbelt, but did not wholly agree with their use of funds in the purchases. Specifically, she did not want Ann Arbor to have to fund purchases made outside the city.

Lumm noted that she believes one of the reasons she garnered the group’s support this time around was because of her support of conserving parks.

“Over the course of this recent tenure, I sponsored a resolution to place on the ballot a charter amendment requiring voting approval before parkland could be permanently repurposed,” Lumm said. “It didn’t pass, but I indicated that I intend to bring that back again. If I’m re-elected, I think there will be sufficient support on council.”

Apart from park conservation, Lumm said upkeep of the Huron River and managing creek sheds are other important environmental issues facing the city.

Lumm joins the ranks of other councilmembers backed by the Sierra Club, including Mike Anglin (D–Ward 5), Stephen Kunselman (D–Ward 3) and newly elected Jack Eaton (D–Ward 4), who will take his seat on council this November.

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