Punit Mattoo: A lot of students don’t realize it, but there are other places to eat in Kerrytown besides Zingerman’s. If you’re willing to make the trek, you’ll find one of the only other Thai places near campus.

Jessica Boullion
Siam Cuisine is located in Kerrytown. (ANGELA CESERE/Daily)

Evan McGarvey: Yeah, you also get to eat in someone’s living room. Siam Cuisine is a very pleasant, homey experience with food that, while competent, was served too quickly and was a bit overpriced.

PM: The meal did seem to go by really quickly. That might have been since there weren’t many other people there, and the waitresses working seemed a little too enthusiastic about getting us our food. Once we got it, though, there was definitely some disappointment on both our parts. I’d heard so much about this place, but the appetizer sampler wasn’t much.

EM: Ditto. Loosely fried chunks of chicken and a half-assed satay were not the best way to start the meal. Also, some of the cooks were clearly speaking Chinese at various times throughout the evening, which makes me think that Siam Cuisine’s heavy, Chinese influences (plenty of sauces, heavy oil and frying methods that are distinctly un-Thai) dominate the food.

PM: The only thing really saving the appetizers was the Thai iced teas. At a dollar each, the refreshing drinks weren’t too sweet, unlike some other Thai restaurants that go through the complete Starbucksization.

EM: OK, I’ll concede that the tea was a good part of the meal. But my chicken basil, usually a jungle of simmering spices and leafy basil burn, was ridiculously bland. Beyond the fact that, well, a white guy (me) ordered it, this dish tasted British, not Thai.

PM: I thought my red pork curry had the right amount of spiciness for my typically high tolerance. They recognized my brownness and the saut

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