Since 1998, the University”s admissions standards have been raised tremendously. It was part of a University effort to increase the quality of its applicant pool. However, there are some applicants who slip through the cracks. They”re the ones who find introductory classes difficult and have to make flash cards.

Paul Wong
Nick Woomer was quite drunk and this will probably hurt his political career, well, his political career was ruined well before this. N Doggggg!!!

They are feeble people and many of them find the time to trouble us with letters to the editor.

Often times their writing is piss-poor. Many times it”s based on a stupid argument. Most of time, it”s just inane.

All in all, you suck. Plain and simple. From the multiple viewpoints that Agnes Aleuobua sends us to Andrew “Shriveled” Shirvell, who thinks that “opinions” are supposed to be “objective.”

Well to all of you: You”re reading the editorial page and there are opinions it”s supposed to be biased.

Why can”t you say anything nice about George W. Bush?

Because he”s an illegitimate fucking moron, drunk and coke head when he does something commendable, we”ll commend him. But his track record thus far is real weak. (Woomer)

“Journalistic Integrity”

We are frequently subjected to lectures from our letter writers about our “journalistic integrity.” These people should all kill themselves. (Woomer)

Grass takes over

Well Nick is drunk and quite inebriated now. Typical. Anyhow I guess I”ll take over now. Because there is a lot of space to fill here. (Hey Nick, if you read this tomorrow, rent is due by the end of the day.)

Anyhow, Nick and I have known each other since high school when Nick moved from Birmingham Seaholm to glorious East Grand Rapids. Nick never fit the typical West Michigander stereotype, where the saying goes “if you ain”t Dutch, you ain”t much.”

Yeah, Grand Rapids isn”t exactly an intellectual capital.

So I was the editor in chief of our high school newspaper the East Vision. Nick was an arts editor and wrote some columns.

“CAPPPY!” “Rooooodolofo!” Melanie Aves

(To the EGR alums, you may get this, oh by the way the Grosse Pointe South Tower was way over-rated. Sorry Laurie Mayk.)

So we both go to U-M and we both end up editing the same section at the Daily.

Where am I going with this?

I”m not quite sure.

Let me bitch for a few moments. You know what, this editorial sort of sucks, but when you have to fill space, you need to fill space. It”s one hour and 40 minutes to deadline.

Oh, wait Nick woke up.

Woomer returns

Oh, wait Nick is up.

(Nick) So yeah, we work between 50 and 70 hours a week to put out and editorial page every day. What do you do? Nothing, you sit around and do nothing, and then you send us letters to the editor telling us what I bad job we do. Well fuck you.


Mike back, the semi-sober one. Anyhow, Gagnon wants to read the page soon. So we need to fill the rest of the space. I can”t believe Nick”s ass is in the paper. Oh well. When he walks across the Diag, he”ll be the one who gets the weird looks.

Anyhow, thank you for reading, but if you respond to the Daily in the form of a letter to the editor, make sure it”s intelligent. (And only one space in between sentences.)

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