Various Artists

School of Rock – Music from and inspired by the motion

Atlantic Records

You run a real risk appropriating classic rock in film. The
music never settles in: The audience inevitably has outside
experiences already associated with the tracks, and the bands have
been canonized to the point of infallibility. “School of Rock” –
both as a movie and a soundtrack – exists primarily for two
reasons: to further perpetuate the rock’n’roll myth, and to make a
shitload of cash.

Contextualized as such, this album is a success. The smattering
of classic rock tracks is random and ultimately uninteresting, but
contains enough variety to please any number of demographics. Fresh
tracks from the Darkness and the Black Keys break the WCSX
monotony, but even great individual contributions from the Who and
T-Rex can’t alter a weak song cycle. No Vacancy, the film’s
fictitious band, only highlights the soundtrack’s chief failings:
it’s a thoughtful and skillful re-dux of ’70s rock, but comes
across as tepid and terribly contrived.

Rating: 2 stars.

– Andrew M. Gaerig






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