Various Artists, Cash Money Records Platinum Hits; Cash Money Records

It’s quite audacious for Cash Money to release a greatest hits collection just 11 years into its existence. It’s even more audacious when the number of tracks on the album outnumbers the roster of artists by 12. Every track on the album comes from Juvenile, Big Tymers, B.G., Lil Wayne or Turk. (Don’t be fooled when you see Hot Boyz and Cash Money Millionaires listed, because they’re just collectives of the aforementioned.) There are a few worthwhile tunes here including Juvenile’s “Ha” and “Back That Azz Up” and CMM’s “Project Bitch,” but overall, the collection is pretty unnecessary. HH

– Joel M. Hoard

Zappa Picks, Volume 1: Jon Fishman, Volume 2: Larry LaLonde; Rykodisc Records

In a pretty bizarre attempt to promote the immense Frank Zappa back-catalogue, Rykodisc is releasing a series of career-spanning compilations put together by famous fans of the late twisted genius. The choices are solid, but idiosyncratic (both expected when dealing with Zappa), but who actually cares what Phish’s drummer Fishman and Primus’ guitarist LaLonde favorite song off Zoot Allures is? Save your cash and just buy a real Zappa album like Over-nite Sensation or Sheik Yerbouti or if you’re desperate for an introduction, try the more complete ‘best-of’, Strictly Commercial. HHHH

– Scott Serilla

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