Life on a Stick

Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m., Fox

“Life on a Stick” is, quite frankly, terrible. There is no other adequate way to describe it. The show’s acting and writing are some of the worst on the entire Fox schedule.

Zachary Knighton stars as Laz, a slacker working at the fast food restaurant Yippee, Hot Dogs. Fred (Charlie Finn) is Laz’s best friend and is, somehow, even dumber than Laz.

The only notable member of this cast is Amy Yasbeck (“Wings”), who plays Laz’s stepmother. She’s the only actor who appears to be trying to make the horrendous material work.

These characters likely exist to boost the self-esteem of the few people who will actually watch the show. There is no way real people can be as ignorant as these characters.

For instance, the characters treat nine-year-old Gus (Frankie Ryan, “Life with Bonnie”) as an honorable sage who dispenses good advice. Such behavior is simply foolish. If Ryan were half as intelligent as everyone thinks his character is, he would leave this show and try to salvage his career.

“Life on a Stick” is as unfunny as it is offensive. The “humor” comes from such lewd topics as incest and castration. None of the jokes will go over viewers’ heads, and the laugh track annoyingly overreacts to every one.

There is no reason for “Life on a Stick” to be on television. It is merely taking up valuable space on Fox’s prime-time schedule — a test pattern would be more welcomed programming.

Viewers would be advised to make better use of their time by actually eating a hot dog.

— Kevin Hollifield


Rating: No Stars


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