It’s been long awaited, and now it has happened: An Ann Arbor celebrity put together a more-than-just-mediocre week. Joe Kraim of Campus Corner represented when his Wolverines did anything but.

Kate Green

Speaking of representing, J. Brady McCollough overcame a best-bet debacle of Florida – joining www.FireRonZook.com’s e-mail list – and jumped into first place with a 12-6 record, the second-best one week record this season.

McCollough pulls away from Naweed Sikora, who returned to his weekly 9-9 tradition after a 13-5 week.

Moving herself out of the red was Courtney Lewis with an 11-7 record – again proving why she is more knowledgeable about football than Maryland genius Ralph Friedgen.

Falling harder than Evander Holyfield against some no-name hack, Kyle O’Neill put together a 6-12 record reminiscent of what the Detroit Lions will probably produce over its next 18 games. After picks were released, O’Neill was chased down by reporters for comment at his home.

“You know what, it’s just picks,” O’Neill said. “In fact, I’m going to pull a Jim Fassell and guarantee my first-place finish by January 5, 2004.”








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