Sava’s State Street Café clientele transitioned from a crowd of hungry customers to sartorial enthusiasts on Saturday night after being transformed into a runway for a fashion show charity event.

As part of women’s history month, student organizers at SHEI Magazine collaborated with the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega to develop the program, which garnered more than $1,500 in proceeds for the Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan, an organization that provides a number of services for women, including job counseling and divorce support.

LSA senior Inga Shoberg, SHEI magazine spokeswoman, said the theme was parallel with the values and goals of the Women’s Center, which supports women who have suffered from domestic violence as part of its many services. Shoberg added that the colorful flowers styled on the models’ faces and heads symbolized beauty and regrowth, another theme of the event.

Models at the show sported plain white tank tops with the words “Not A Wife Beater,” which Shoberg said is to assert that the term “wife beater” for a white tank top is offensive and not to be used lightly.

“We really wanted to push that message,” Shoberg said. “Women who are in domestic violence situations can build their lives back again.”

LSA junior Sofia Pinkhasova, a member of APO, said the fashion show was a chance for her fraternity to help produce a unique event that supported a charity.

“I was more than excited to help with the fashion show… it’s a really great cause because it’s a creative way to help out … and become aware of different problems going on,” Pinkhasova said.

Kim Cumming, executive director of The Women’s Center of Southern Michigan, was also at the event. Cumming said she was honored at how hard the two organizations worked to benefit the Women’s Center.

“It’s inspiring to see a young group of folks who are so committed to women’s causes and to being philanthropic, and I know what an enormous amount of work it takes to put on an event,” Cumming said. “We’re just grateful. As a small grassroots nonprofit, to have somebody else hosting a fundraiser for us is an incredible gift.”

LSA freshman Claire Schorin said she attended the event to show her support for the Women’s Center and to help raise awareness against domestic violence.

“I thought the event was really cool,” Schorin said. “It was cool that they focused on hair and makeup and not just clothes because it’s a whole other element of fashion … it was definitely a cool concept.”

Nursing junior Emily Ruimveld said she was impressed by the appearance of the models at the event.

“The hair and makeup is amazing,” Ruimveld said. “It’s just phenomenal. And it’s for a great cause so it’s really cool.”

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