Unprotected sex is bad although not according to the music industry. Yet again the sexually unsatisfied boys of Creed and Live have managed to produce another carbon-copy spawn, after undoubtedly interbreeding with Vertical Horizon and Lifehouse. The turbo pre-pubescent minded, yet thoroughly of age foursome, Seven Channels has yet to debut their ever-so not different sounding single “Breathe” over national airwaves.

Paul Wong
If you ask me, he doesn”t look like a monkey.<br><br>Courtesy of Miramax

Crying of a long, lost love that has passed away, as Kevin Kirkwood sings, “gone away and I pray for the strength to carry on,” it”s difficult to decipher whether it”s the companionship of the girlfriend he yearns for, or the resurgence of power in his right hand. Reeking of adolescent purity, these black-ribbed sweatered, hair-putty marinated, white boys need to be spending a little more time with their driving lessons before crooning about lost loves and broken hearts, thus leaving the ballads to the Backstreet Boys, another member of an extremely incestuous genre.

Lacking poetry and substance, their lyrical talent is a far cry from both credibility and creativity. Ragingly similar to almost every other current chart-topper, like 3 Doors Down, the radio stations will have to search the depths of the album for a second single. Society can rest assured that Huggies will remain in business, because while the music industry is too busy teaching their boys how to play their instruments, potty-training has most definitely taken a back seat. Playing to a demographic focused on reaching second base, this album”s release would have been better received perhaps three years ago, while I was still in high school dreaming of a prince charming.

Unfortunately, the major record labels can”t seem to get over their lack of prom-court nominations, because the need for angst and maturity has been poorly fulfilled by a bunch of boys still being dressed by their mothers. The moral of the story is: Safe sex is good sex wear a condom, save a CD.

Grade: C+

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