Jordan Schrader

Editor in Chief

If I can’t express my thoughts clearly in this space, it’s because I’m still recovering from the view of the campus I just had: a view from the top of the Student Publications Building that literally took my breath away. I was in the heart of the Daily, and that meant I was at the heart of this university I love so much, whose evening lights I could see spread out before me. Because I’m convinced the soul of this campus is not in the Fleming Building or Angell Hall — it’s in the place where for 114 years young people with high ideals have worked every day to perform the simple but essential public service of telling people what is happening in the world around them. For little recognition and less pay, they inform, delight, and hold the powerful accountable.

But the most amazing thing about that little chamber overlooking campus is that only one person each year will sit there and see its walls, see that view. Jon and Louie, the ones who believed in me and guided me, saw it. Jason, you’ll see it. Some staffer who is now impressing his or her elders with talent and dedication will see it. Someone who I’ve barely met will see it, and so will hundreds of people I’ll never know yet with whom I’ll share a bond stronger than family. To all of you, and to all the others who find themselves at 420 Maynard St. in the future: Enjoy it. Don’t let it go by too fast. And despite all my outpouring of emotion — never take yourself too seriously.


Jason Roberts

Managing Arts Editor

The Daily is a funny place.

For most people, it is a second home; a place away from school, exams, lame discussion sections and a plague of all-nighters. I never had any intention on joining the Daily when I first started school here. The only reason I showed up in the Arts room on that September night in 2002 was because my girlfriend, Niamh, didn’t want to walk to the building alone in the dark.

Looking back, it’s been the best move of my college career.

I’ve met a lot of fantastic people at the Daily, people that I wouldn’t have normally been paired up with outside of the confines of 420 Maynard. Making an Arts page four days out of the week was certainly a highlight of my routine; we, as a staff, get to do things and get away with things on a daily basis that the other sections have to save for special occasions. Arts is certainly unique in that regard. The production was great; the people I met were even better. I want to thank everyone involved in the past, present and future – especially the wonderful lady that brought me here in the first place. I love you a whole lot, kiddo. Thanks for putting up with the late nights and my badgered moods when I’d come home a little less upbeat than usual, and thank you for sticking with me for so long.

To you, the readers: If you haven’t stepped foot inside 420 Maynard during your time here at the ‘U,’ you’re certainly missing out. Stop by and pick up some free stuff (you know that’s the reason we write for Arts in the first place), write a review, get into an argument about the best noise-rock of the late ’90s, debate the merits of the five star rating system – do anything. Just get involved.

Take care, everyone.


Tomislav Ladika

Managing News Editor

When I first joined the Michigan Daily, I promised myself not to write more than once a week. Since then, done everything from sleep outside the Supreme Court on a cardboard box and to stay up until 6 a.m. on Election night — all for the Daily. This place sucks you in, and all you can do is enjoy the ride.

To Yayteam and my thugs: Thanks for putting so much faith in me and becoming friends as well as co-workers.

To team Hitemup: “Hoping for better days, maybe a peaceful night/Baby don’t cry cause everything gonna be alright.”

To everyone else: Next time you flip to the crossword, think first about how much effort it takes to put out a paper each day. The Daily staff consists of the most dedicated students on campus.

And to the Daily: You’ve cost me so much sleep and stress, but what I’ve gotten in return has been so much better. Thanks for a lifetime of memories.


Tony Ding

Managing Photo Editor

Going deaf from the Cameron Crazies at Krzyzewskiville: $0 dollars. Being bored after doubleheaders of hoops at the United Center and Conseco FieldHouse: $0 dollars. Strolling the turf on Football Saturdays at six Big Ten stadiums: $0 dollars. Avoiding pucks from between the benches at Joe Louis Arena: $0 dollars. Checking two courtside folding chairs from Vanderbilt on a Northwest flight: $0 dollars. Flying home to see Michigan lynched by the Ducks: $0 dollars. Salvaging a 12 hour drive to New Hampshire by hording lobster courtesy of the NCAA Hockey Regional: $0 dollars. Being blasphemous at Touchdown Jesus—twice: $0 dollars. Back2back escorts by the California Highway Patrol to two Rose Bowls: $0 dollars. Spending my college years with the most enjoyable friends through triumphs and tribulations: PRICELESS.

The Daily has afforded me with precious memories that I will cherish forever. As a new class of inspiration step up to their place, I wish them the best. Thanks to all those whom I’ve had the privilege to work with, it has truly been an enlightening experience. To those that shared my memories, thanks for the company.

Quick shout-outs to RJW, JMC, ECB, you guys have been loyal methods to my madness. Thanks for the vision Katz and Molo, you guys patiently taught me all I know. To my photogs, never loose faith, shoot first, and believe in your talents!


Gennaro Filice

Managing Sports Editor

(Insert nostalgic classic rock quote here — ex: “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”). ‘

I’d like to thank Cartman, the “Pawtucket Pat” episode of Family Guy, A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight Marauders,” Master Shake, the Scooby Doo rendition of the “Harlem Globetrotters,” Nickelodeon’s “Global Guts” (Do you have it?), E!’s late night reruns of “Wild On” with Brooke Burke, the Swingers NHL ’94 scene, the French Jordan (a.k.a. Mickael Pietrus), the incomprehensible Jamaican dude from “Belly” (“Lennox,” I believe), “Mr. Plow”, Coach K College Basketball’s virtual O’Bannon brothers, Fusion Frenzy’s “Rollmentum” (remember American Gladiators’ Atlasphere?), my New Balance 991s, Keith Hafner, Jimmy Johns’ No. 9, O.J., banana peppers and anyone who actually took some time out of their Friday to take in some wistful, inside-joke-laden words from a few pen-happy seniors.


Dan Adams

Associate Editorial Editor

To Johanna – thank you for getting me here. How you managed to do that, I don’t know, but I’m better for it. I think.

To Zac and Aubrey – you guys are two of the smartest people that I’ve met at the University. Period. Thanks for keeping me here. Once again, I have no idea how you did that.

To Jason – I tried to give you my very best. I hope I did. Run the paper how you think it should be run. Good luck this year.

To Suhael and Sam – thanks for stepping up when we needed you to. Take care of your staff, write what needs written. Most of all, friend or foe, take it to ‘em. If they call you heterosexists, don’t worry about it – you’re probably doing something right.

To Matt and Chris – you guys are the future. Until it’s your ship, just make sure Suhael and Sam don’t go insane.

To Mara, Whitney, Katherine, Sara, Daniel, Jesse, Theresa, Nick, Andy, Rajiv, Saamir, David and Dan, (I hope I didn’t miss anyone, but if I did, you know who you are. Include yourself.) thank you for showing up, everyday. You write for no money, receive virtually no recognition and occasionally have your work completely redone before it gets on the page. It’s a thankless job, I know… except for right now. Thank you. If you want it, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. I know I was.

Most of all, thank you Mom and Dad. Mom, for teaching me that some fights are worth fighting. Dad, for the countless conversations, most of which made it into the paper one way or another. Also, Swarup.


Daniel Bremmer

Sports Editor

I’m not one for huge goodbyes. Thanks especially to my class of editors — Gennaro, Burke, Bob, Schick and Sharad — my fellow Daily workers — Ellen, Megology, Holman and Eric — and my roommates — Andy, J.P. and Justin. Thanks also to the internet, TiVo, the New Jersey Nets (the last two years), Seinfeld, the Family Guy, my friends at home and everyone/everything else that has made college and life at Michigan amazing. To the future of the Daily — have a great time, remember our tradition, keep up the good work and avoid the asbestos.


Emily Kraack

News Editor

I walked into the Daily for the first time while looking for the debate team. Three years later, I have a key to the Daily and still haven’t found the debate team. Their loss is my gain. During my three years here, I have learned more about the University of Michigan than I should probably tell, have met people who are crazy or intelligent and sometimes a little bit of both, and have completely fallen in love with the awkward field of journalism. I promised never to give life advice before age 50, but I must give in at the ripe old age of 22 instead. Don’t bother giving yourself half-heartedly to a whole bunch of groups and issues. Instead, give your whole self to whatever you care about and don’t bother thinking about the repercussions until they bite you in the ass. Lord knows, I’ve given whatever I could to this silly newspaper; maybe I’ve come out with a few low grades, but I’ve gained the world in friends, memories and experiences. To Jordan, Tom, Ali, Carmen, Kaplan and Berko — I’m looking forward to meeting you again in ten years and finding out how you’ve made the world a better place. To the news staff — you’ve got the brains, the skills and the knowledge, just find the passion and this paper will make you kings and queens of the world. Yayteam and the Koivu clan, you made me into this monster. Thanks for everything.


Jen Misthal

Associate Editoral Editor

For a long time, 420 Maynard St. was mystical, filled with tradition and

secrets waiting to be discovered.  I was convinced I would never genuinely

be a part of the Daily or fully understand it. It took me a while to get

comfortable here.

Yet here I am, a senior, a Daily staffer since the second week of freshman year with two editorships under my belt. As a freshman, I was terrified of the upperclassmen: They knew everything and everyone. When I realize I’m one of them, I can’t help but ask, “how did this happen?”

I stuck it out and got one of the most rewarding experiences I could ask for. It was here that I discovered myself and fell in love with journalism – a love based on adrenaline and late nights, but a lasting one nonetheless.

It wasn’t always perfect. There were times when the last thing I wanted was

to re-enter the building and other times when I came running in the door.

In retrospect, I wouldn’t change a minute.

The lesson of it all: Keep your sense of humor through it all. If you’re

not having fun, you’re doing it all wrong.

To the editors who taught me the ropes, I’m forever grateful. Pesick, you

took a gamble of me and I don’t regret a second. Ashley, Doug, Rotten,

Ryan, Sam and Suhael: I can’t think of better hands to leave the Daily in.

Thanks to the friends who stood by for it all. Yayteam! You know how I feel. This wouldn’t have meant anything without learning what teamwork is all about.


Jeremy Berkowitz

News Editor

I can’t think of the stupidest decision I’ve made in college, although I know a few people who might offer their opinions. However, I know the smartest thing I did was walking into the Daily newsroom in October 2001, taking my first story, and “selling my soul to the Devil” as a former editor once put it.

I ignored classes, sometimes my friends, to spend 40 hours every week asking questions about residence hall crime and affirmative action, and informing students about what was happening around them. I’ve slept on Daily couches and cardboard boxes outside the Supreme Court. I always tried to get the information out while avoiding pissing off University officials and my editors alike, most of the time. I leave with memories of almost 300 bylines, many good friends, some enemies, and a few really bad hangovers after some long, painful days.

I didn’t get here alone. To Grass and Schwartz: Thanks for treating a cocky freshman with respect and showing him how much fun the Daily is. To former editors, especially Shabina, Maria and Jordan: Thanks for always pushing me to the limit and putting up with my occasional antics. To Carmen, Emily, Tomislav, and Kaplan: It was a blast working with all of you. The toughest thing about this past fall was knowing what I was missing at 2 a.m. To the new MDesk: Keep it real, and remember if you’re not having fun at least 90% of the time, something’s not right.









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