Trends from the University’s Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report released Monday show that sexual-assault cases and alcohol violations increased substantially from years past, while reports of most other crimes have remained steady or declined.

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The report, published annually by the University, contains 2012 crime statistics along with numbers from previous years and is required by U.S. Department of Education policy.

The report breaks down the types of crimes reported, who crimes were reported to and if the incident occurred on campus or at an off-campus location involving students. It only details crimes that were initially reported on or near campus and doesn’t detail the outcomes of investigations

There were 21 forcible rapes reported to police agencies and the University. In 2011, there were ten cases. These reports do not include confidential locations, such as those reported to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center.

The report showed that reports of rape and fondling more than doubled in 2012. There were two forcible rapes reported to University Police, up from one incident reported to UMPD in 2011. In the recent report, two forcible rapes were reported to other police, and 17 were reported to non-police. In 2011, there were two forcible rapes reported to other police agencies and seven reported to non-police. There were 21 cases of forcible fondling reported in 2012, more than double the eight cases reported in 2011.

The report also noted that sexual-assault cases reported to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center decreased from 44 in 2011 to 34 in 2012.

In September, the University altered its sexual misconduct policy to be in accordance with guidelines set out in the federal Title IX mandate. As a result, every allegations of student sexual misconduct must be internally investigated by the University.

Although there is no confirmed correlation, reports of sexual assault increased significantly in 2011 after the interim Title IX ordinance at the University made authority figures more responsible for reporting sexual assault. Administrators involved in the new process have said the increase in sexual assault reports may be due to the new changed procedure.

Robberies and assaults reported decreased significantly from their 2011 levels. There were 14 robberies reported in 2011 compared to four in 2012. Aggravated assaults decreased from 30 in 2011 to 16 in 2012.

Burglaries reported have increased steadily over the last several years with 68 reported in 2012 and 60 reported in 2011. Larcenies on campus — such as laptop thefts — in 2012 added up to 734, compared to 617 in 2011.

Statistics also show that alcohol-related crimes, such as Minor in Possession of Alcohol, have also increased in recent years.

The report discloses both alcohol-related crimes handled by police organizations and allegations handled internally by the University. In 2012, the state of Michigan adopted a medical amnesty law which gives students the ability to seek medical help for excessive alcohol consumption without facing legal repercussions. However, the law does not prohibit the University from taking disciplinary action against students involved in underage drinking.

Liquor law arrests, citations and violations reported to University and Ann Arbor Police totaled 426 in 2012 with 941 alcohol cases handled internally, though some of these reports may have been for the same violation. In 2011, liquor law arrests, citations and violations reported to University and Ann Arbor Police totaled 358 and 857 were handled internally.

Fires in 2012 caused more than $500 in damage, versus about $350 in 2011, according to the report.

Online Editor Austen Hufford and Daily News Editor Taylor Wizner contributed to this report.

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