Paul Wong
Sweetwaters offers warm drinks to ease the cold.

2 shots espresso (brewed or


2 shots white chocolate syrup

12 oz. cold milk

whipped cream

cocoa powder or chocolate



If you have an espresso machine, brew espresso. If using instant espresso, add hot water to liquify crystals. Mix espresso and white chocolate syrup in a cup.

To steam milk without a espresso machine, use a small- to medium-sized saucepan and milk into it. Make sure that the milk is as cold as possible.

Heat stove to a low flame. Using a whisk, stir milk slowly and increase speed as milk gets hot and a bubbly foam forms. Be careful not to boil milk.

Add steamed milk to espresso and syrup and stir. Spoon any remaining milk foam on top of drink, filling cup almost to brim. Top with cold whipped cream and sprinkle with cocoa powder or chocolate sprinkles.

Sweetwaters Cafe

Address: 123 W. Washington

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-midnight, Saturday 8a.m.-midnight and Sunday 8:30a.m.-11p.m.

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