Lions, sheiks and gold – just three facets in director Tim
McCanlies’ lovable “Second Hand Lions.”

An almost all-grown-up Haley Joel Osment stars as Walter, a
timid boy with a much-too real-squeakily pubescent voice and an
acne-doused baby face. His mother Mae (Kyra Sedgwick, “Personal
Velocity”) leaves Walter at his two great-uncles’ (Michael Caine
and Robert Duvall) house in hopes of finding the millions of
dollars the uncles have allegedly hidden. As Walter’s summer with
his crotchety uncles wears on, he learns about fighting, gardening
and syrupy life-long lessons.

While some characters are derivative of cliche gangster films,
it’s the two uncles who steal the screen. Their quirky,
adventuresome, careless, shotgun-toting personalities almost hide
the deeper fears of aging that “Lions” explores.

At first glance, “Lions” seems like a sentimental tear-jerker
with a gushing score, but the swash-buckling flashbacks,
picturesque landscapes and comic relief keep “Lions” exciting and

It doesn’t matter if the story of the uncles is true or not – it
only matters if you believe in it.

Rating: 3 stars





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