5. “American Splendor” – Bittersweet biopic about underground
comic author is the desperately needed remedy for the summer’s
superhero flops like “Hulk” and “The League of Extraordinary

J. Brady McCollough
Courtesy of homestarrunner.com

4. “Cinnamon” by the Long Winters – Pitch-perfect end-of-summer
anthem that captures high-drama loss and longing better than any
other pop song this year. From their second album When I Pretend to

3. Homestarrunner.com – Addictively hilarious flash cartoon site
following the adventures of an armless, lisping hero and his
harmless, loudmouthed archnemesis. TROGDOR!

2. One Mississippi by Brendan Benson – Hard to find debut from
Detroit singer-songwriter failed when it came out in 1996, but
deserves another listen after the success of Benson’s follow-up

1. Gary Busey’s eyes – Like seeing the Grand Canyon for the
first time. You can’t really understand what Hollywood does to
people until you stare into the “I’m with Busey” star’s insane








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