LANSING Mich. (AP) – Michigan schools are considering cutting everything from art supplies to teachers to make up for state budget cuts that could take effect as early as March.

Yesterday, the day after Gov. Jennifer Granholm proposed cuts to deal with a $134 million deficit in this year’s school aid fund, superintendents met with finance officials and others to consider their options.

“It comes late in the year, so it makes it really difficult to arrange for those cuts,” said Joseph Shulze, the superintendent of Muskegon schools, who will lose $469,472 – or $43.72 per student – if lawmakers approve Granholm’s cuts.

“Obviously you try to keep the cuts away from the students as much as possible.

“But with a cut this big, it’s not going to happen. They’re going to feel it.”

Granholm sent a letter to lawmakers Wednesday proposing cuts to both Michigan’s $6,700 per-pupil allowance and programs such as adult education and at-risk grants.

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