The family of Josh Rosenthal, a University alum killed in the Sept. 11 attacks at the World Trade Center, has established a memorial scholarship fund in his honor.

Rosenthal graduated with a political science degree from LSA in 1979 and served on the University”s Investment Advisory Committee. He was an investment portfolio manager and the senior vice president of the firm Fiduciary Trust Company International, located in the south tower of the Trade Center.

“Josh was an important member of the committee bringing the global investment perspective to its discussion,” said Robert Kasdin, the University”s chief financial officer. At Fiduciary, Rosenthal handled the portfolios of global stocks.

Kasdin said the committee, which meets semi-annually, makes recommendations to the University Board of Regents about possible expenditures. The committee is scheduled to meet this November in Ann Arbor.

While Rosenthal was at the University, he was the recipient of the Truman Fellowship and went on to study at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. Kasdin said the fund in his name will be an LSA scholarship.

“Unfortunately the family has not been more specific about what the fund is going to, but the fund has been established,” said Judy Malcolm, the director of development for communication and donor relations.

Malcolm said the Rosenthal Scholarship Fund was the first memorial fund that a family of someone killed in the Sept. 11 attacks has established at the University. Rosenthal”s mother Marilynn is a professor of medical sociology at the University”s Dearborn campus.

“We haven”t decided yet what the scholarship will go towards,” Rosenthal said. “I have to sit down with the Vice President of Development to decide.”

Rosenthal said she has no immediate plans to determine how the scholarship will be distributed and will be returning to New York this week for a memorial service for her son.

“We are pleased to attach Josh”s name to a scholarship at the University. He had a very good undergrad experience with LSA,” she said.

Malcolm said she did not know of any other families planning to establish funds. “It is likely there will be others but no one has come forward yet,” she said.

University alum David Alger, president of Fred Alger Management Inc., was also killed in the attacks. Alger also served on the Investment Advisory Committee with Rosenthal. No memorial fund has been established yet for Alger, or any other alumni killed in the attacks.

“I don”t think the (Alger) family has decided yet what they are going to do,” said Kathy Okun, associate vice president of development.

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