Jurgen Schmieder – the newest challenger for Magnus Ver Magnusson to pummel in the World’s Strongest Man Competition? At 5-foot-11, 189 pound, it’s not likely. But, with the relative strength Michigan’s mohawked junior forward has been showcasing around the goal, you may not want to count the Wolverine out of this year’s international muscle matchup just yet.

Schmieder, a native of Regensburg, Germany, has made the most of his minutes this season by having the best goals-per-game average on an offensively savvy Michigan team. Although Schmieder’s playing time has been limited, his seven goals in 10 games played (including two hat tricks), give him a 70 percent chance to put the ball in the back of the net every time he steps on the field.

Yesterday against Detroit (11-5-3), Schmieder continued his habit of delivering a touch of instant offense to the Wolverines (8-6-2) when he entered the game as a substitute at the 15-minute mark. In his first touch of the game, Schmieder displayed his knack for scoring by receiving a Kevin Robinson serve at the top of the box, and volleying the ball off the inside of the left post and into the goal. The goal established a 1-0 lead for the Wolverines, and furthered Schmieder’s campaign for more playing time.

“Jurgen is a guy who, in games, plays big and he did it here again today,” Michigan coach Steve Burns said. “We have always wanted to see more of him in practice, but with the vacancy caused by Knox Cameron, he is going to get more playing time for us.”

The game stayed 1-0 Michigan until the 64:09 mark, when Detroit evened the score at one by converting a penalty kick, which the Titans earned because Michigan was called for a penalty inside the box.

After one overtime period couldn’t break the 1-1 score, the match was called a tie due to darkness.

The Michigan defense, led by freshman goalkeeper Peter Dzubay and his seven saves, played a stellar match. Dzubay gained some key assistance from sophomore defender Dawson Stellberger, who put the shackles on the Titans’ most dangerous offensive force, forward Ablaye Camara.

Even though the game didn’t end in a Michigan “W,” Burns wasn’t upset with his team’s play.

“Overall it was a game that both teams wanted to win, but knew that the tie wouldn’t hurt,” Burns said. “The players played hard from both teams, but the field and the conditions made it hard to get any kind of offensive flow going. The 1-1 tie is a fair and justified result for both teams.”

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