One year ago, the University’s Board of Regents appointed Mark Schlissel, then the provost at Brown University, to succeed Mary Sue Coleman as the University’s 14th president. Schlissel was appointed after a lengthy search process headed by the regents, a faculty committee and Russell Reynolds Associates, a private consulting firm. The presidential announcement arrived on Friday, January 24, 2014 at a press conference inside the Michigan Union’s Kuenzel Room.

Since Schlissel assumed office in July, he has faced several campus-wide challenges, many of which first emerged during Coleman’s presidency. Prominent issues have included diversity and inclusion, sexual misconduct and athletics.

Schlissel has spent much of his first semester familiarizing himself with the University and the institutional challenges that lay ahead. During his first press conference in January, he initially emphasized the need to learn from the University community.

“In my experience, universities really don’t get led top-down,” he said last year. “The best ideas come from the people who do the teaching and the learning, so that’s why I need to do some listening first.”

Looking forward to the upcoming semester, Schlissel has pledged to roll out several new initiatives, including a campus-wide diversity plan and an online survey to gauge campus climate surround safety and sexual misconduct.

A year after Schlissel’s selection, The Michigan Daily is resurfacing our special edition paper from that day online, as well as a new interactive timeline reviewing the year since the presidential appointment.

Editor’s Note: The timeline works best on the Safari operating system.

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