Saw V
At the Showcase and Quality 16

Courtesy of Lionsgate

3.5 out of 5 stars

Nothing says Halloween season like another “Saw” movie. “Saw V” is the latest installment in the notorious franchise and diehard fans won’t be disappointed.

The formula hasn’t changed for “V,” but there are even crazier situations than before and more moments when you’ll want to scream out at the characters, “Are you really that fucking stupid?!” in the traditional, horror heckling way.

From the moment each new torture is introduced, we’re hooked. Arguably, the best part of the movie is hearing all the gasps that go up in the theater when the camera focuses and someone wakes up with all the deadly machinery surrounding them.

The potency of the film is derived not only in witnessing crazy contraptions — like swinging steel pendulums of death — but also in imagining what you would do if caught in such a dangerous, albeit unlikely, situation.

While the premise is slightly demented, the movie has a lot of entertainment value if you’re looking for cheap scares. “Saw V” is vicious fun.

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