5 “Shark Tale” — The
top-grossing movie in theaters over the past weekend, this fish
story takes the under-water setting of “Finding Nemo”
and spices up the plot with “Shrek”-like humor.
Chock-full of famous voices, this story of an unlikely alliance
between a fish and a shark is sure to hook your attention.

4 “Desperate
Housewives” — One of ABC’s newest programs,
“Desperate Housewives” brings surprisingly fresh humor
to network television. Taking the Sunday timeslot normally filled
by “Alias,” this new show is filling the void until its
predecessor returns in January.

3 “In Arabia We’d All Be
Kings” — The first work of playwright Stephen Adly
Guirgis, “In Arabia We’d All Be Kings” is a story
of six acquaintances brought together by their addictions.
Containing mature content and adult situations, this play utilizes
a bleak, dark humor to examine the gritty, raw nature of living on
the streets.

2 “I Heart Huckabees” —
A story of crossed paths, tangled fortunes and strange coincidence,
“I Heart Huckabees” is one of the most anticipated
films of the fall. Boasting the talents of Dustin Hoffman, Lily
Tomlin, Jude Law, Mark Wahlberg and Naomi Watts, this film has the
potential of being as good as advertised becauase of the many star
cast members who are leading in the film.

1 Paul Taylor Dance Company — One of
the giants of the dancing community, Paul Taylor brings his troupe
to Ann Arbor this weekend for an event full of rhythmic beauty. The
performances will feature pieces including Cloven Kingdom, Eventide
and Promethean Fire.

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