5. Groove – Watch out, Stomp! There is another group in
town and tomorrow and Saturday night the sounds of Groove will be
reverberating all through campus. Armed with brooms, trash cans,
metallic lids and sticks, this group of students will create
raucous rhythms to rock the rafters.

Kate Green
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

4. Vadim Repin – If classical melodies are more your
style, then the University Musical Society debut performance of
violinist Vadim Repin is the place to be this weekend. Mixing a
fiery passion and poetic artistry with an absolutely perfect
technique, Repin will be weaving beautiful tapestries of music at
Rackham Auditorium this Sunday night.

3. “The Matrix Reloaded” DVD – While the second
installation of the “Matrix” trilogy brought mixed reviews, the DVD
is well worth a purchase. Everyone can agree that the visual
aspects of the movie are out of this world, and the DVD takes
viewers behind the scenes, showing the magic of the film. Did you
know that Carrie-Anne Moss was actually weaving in and out of
traffic while going the wrong way during the highway scene?

2. Michael Vartan from “Alias” – Talk about twisting the
happily married scenario! “Alias” has just entered its third season
and already, Vaughn (Michael Vartan) has been forced to keep
secrets from his wife and deal with being literally stabbed in the
stomach by Sydney. You have to hand it to Vartan though; he plays
the brooding man well.

1. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” – As is tradition, the
State Theater will be screening “Rocky Horror” this Saturday at
midnight. If you have never been, you can expect an auction of
virgins, a lot of strangely dressed people and an interactive movie
experience of mammoth proportions. Before attending, brush up on
the steps of “The Time Warp.”


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