Remember the Hasbro game Lite-Brite? It was in that tattered box buried in your grandparents’ basement. On the cover were the little boy and girl who were just so elated to be playing with plastic pegs. The box had that musty veneer from decades of use. The girl was blond and pony-tailed. The boy, keeping with the hair-friendly fashion of the 1970s, had full-bodied bangs that mushroomed around his young head.

Morgan Morel
Sam Butler

Well that boy grew up, kept his haircut and is now using your uncle’s favorite childhood toy to terrorize the city of Boston.

His name is Sean Stevens, and he and his friend, Peter Berdovsky, were arrested Wednesday for placing magnetic electronic light boards around Boston. The blinking light boards depicted a character from the TV cartoon “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” flipping the bird. When the city officials discovered the placards earlier that day, they mistook them for explosive devices and shut down the entire city to search for the light boards.

Of course, the joke is that the light boards had been there for more than two weeks. They had also been placed in 10 other major cities around the country, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Seattle officials said they had first noticed the lights weeks ago and simply removed them as they were found. Only in Boston did these innocuous blinking cartoon characters create such a panic.

The best part of the story comes when Stevens and Berdovsky, after making bail on Thursday, walked outside the courtroom and delivered a mini press conference to the swarming reporters. Advised not to discuss the case, Stevens and Berdovsky instead commented only on the evolution of hairstyles from the 1970s. They toyed with the media and chided reporters for not taking them seriously. Berdovsky, a man with a striking fa

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