The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs convened in the Fleming Administration Building Monday to discuss potential updates to University Information Technology Policy.

Alan Levy, IT policy and compliance lead for the University, and Sol Bermann, the University’s interim chief information security officer, joined the committee to review IT-related revisions to the University’s Standard Practice Guide, the document which includes University-wide policies regarding specific standards and expectations for University employees.

Levy introduced updates to three policies that applied specifically to SACUA and have not been revised since their initial implementation, including the Proper Use Policy, an umbrella IT policy written for University employees to abide by in 1990.

Proposal use policies are intended to stipulate the ways in which networks or websites are used.

The second program, a subset of the Proper Use Policy, was written in the mid-1990s and has also never received revision. Levy said the IT department wishes to add a paragraph to clarify that the program will apply to students.

“We want to represent the culture and ethos of this institution,” Levy said. “We have written drafts that we hope and believe are the U-M way of doing things.”

The third proposal was to implement a new software-licensing standard to replace the previous versions, which were developed in 1979 and 1993.

“We have not done a good job with keeping up with what is going on in the software world,” Levy said.

The body also discussed more closely aligning LSA’s faculty grievance procedures with those modeled by SACUA.

University Provost Martha Pollack will attend the next SACUA meeting on Feb. 2.

Correction appended: A previous version of this article incorrectly reported the nature of the conversation on LSA faculty grievances. SACUA discussed bringing LSA procedures in favor of a more uniform policy.

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