As students and faculty alike count down the hours until Thanksgiving Break, the Senate Advisory Committee for University Affairs convened for its weekly meeting in the Regents Room of the Fleming Administration Building.

After status reports on a number of continuing projects and initiatives — including fitness for duty standards for the Advisory Board on Intercollegiate Athletics confidentiality agreement — were delivered, SACUA delved into discussion about the LSA Grievance Procedures.

The discussion revolved around the creation of a memo explaining the proposed policy, and the members determined that an explanation of the existing policy will be provided. SACUA voted to endorse the memo and invited LSA faculty members to review the grievance policy, provide feedback and provide a copy of the memo to LSA Dean Andrew Martin, per his request.

Following that decision, SACUA member David Smith, a John G. Wagner Collegiate professor in the College of Pharmacy, brought forth draft statements related to the responsibilities of individual faculty members in the college and potential corrective procedures in the event of underperformance.

Though the agenda was approved before the meeting started, SACUA ultimately decided to move the discussion about admission standards for student-athletes to the executive session, closing it off to the public and members of the press. While some members thought an open discussion was appropriate because individual students’ names or information wouldn’t be divulged, SACUA member Silke-Maria Weineck, a professor of German studies, motioned to make the issue private after receiving feedback from student-athletes herself.

“I’ve had conversations with a number of athletes and they feel that the way this is being discussed always includes all of them, and they feel very hurt by certain things that are being said,” Weineck said. “I don’t blame them and I would like to avoid that. There’s been considerable harm to about 900 to 1,000 students and I would like to not repeat that.”

Due to internal scheduling conflicts, SACUA unanimously voted to cancel the meeting they had previously scheduled for Mon., Dec. 1, though the group will session before the meeting of the Senate Assembly on Dec. 15.

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