Correction Appended: Due to an editing error in this article, it referred incorrectly to screenings put on by the group M-Flicks. The films “Apocalypto” and “The Reaping” were each screened by another campus group.

Angela Cesere
Jack Doehring/Daily

The lines outside the auditoriums are always surprisingly long, even for movies like “Apocalypto.” The passes often come on colored Xerox paper, as if someone couldn’t reproduce them en masse and make the one you secured totally irrelevant. And there’s always the awkward threats from the apparent higher powers that if you let your friends cut in front of you, you’ll go to the end of the line, too!

Even so, though it may not seem so beforehand, the effort to get into an M-Flicks movie – the most popular of which are advanced screenings of major movies not yet in theaters – is fairly minimal. Pick up tickets at the Michigan Union and get to the screening a reasonable time before it’s set to start, and you get to see a new movie for free on Central Campus. But that’s to say nothing of the experience once you get inside.

Consider last winter’s M-Flicks screening of “Children of Men.” Alfonso Cuar

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