Former University Vice President for Communications Lisa Rudgers will assume the newly created position of vice president for global communications and strategic initiatives at the University starting on June 1.

At their monthly meeting on Thursday, the University Board of Regents approved the appointment of Rudgers to the position, which will replace the existing office of vice president for communications. She will be responsible for developing communication strategies to augment the University’s local, national and international presence.

According to a May 19 press release from the University, the vice president for global communications and strategic initiatives will be the University’s foremost communications job. Rudgers served as vice president for communications from 2000 to 2007, and during that time led communications related to presidential and university initiatives, according to the release.

David Lampe, former vice president for communications and recently appointed executive director of research communications, said he supports Rudgers’ appointment, especially since he worked closely with her when he served as vice president for communications from fall 2007 until this April.

“She’s a fine choice,” Lampe said. “She obviously has experience here and she knows the ropes.”

Lampe added that Rudgers has been instrumental to the University Research Corridor — a collaborative research organization established in 2006 between the University of Michigan, Michigan State and Wayne State University — and that Rudgers and himself will continue to work together to further URC initiatives, as well as other projects.

University President Mary Sue Coleman recommended Rudgers to the board and wrote in the press release that she is confident in Rudgers’ ability to fill the new position.

“The University of Michigan is recognized worldwide,” Coleman wrote. “This new position reflects the scope of responsibility needed in a fast-paced, global communications environment that is continually evolving and changing.”

Rudgers left the University in 2007 to pursue the development of strategic communications and establish her own consulting firm, Lisa Rudgers & Associates. Her firm’s clientele includes the University, the University’s Dearborn campus and the URC.

Coleman wrote that she is glad to welcome Rudgers back to the University, according to the release.

“I am delighted that Lisa has accepted the offer and will return to lead our communications enterprise,” Coleman wrote. “Through her knowledge of the University of Michigan and previous success here, Lisa will bring great assets to this critical role.”

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