For Rosie Thomas, every live performance is a gamble, but it’s a gamble she’s grateful she has the opportunity to make. “Life is about taking risks and seeing what happens,” Thomas said.

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Thomas will perform tonight at 8 p.m. (Courtesy of Sub Pop)

Rosie’s recently released third album, If Songs Could Be Held, has garnered rave reviews for its unique take on the oft-hackneyed role of the singer/songwriter. Still, Thomas is best known for her live performances. Often mixing in a stand-up comedy routine centered on a pizza delivery girl named Sheila with her introspective song, Thomas leaves herself vulnerable to the mood of the crowd, something she’s become quite comfortable with.

“It’s hard to be confident in who you are to a level of being humble and recognizing your flaws and failures as a writer and as a human being,” she explained. “If you can be confident in all those complexities of what makes you a person, then how do you choose to voice that to people? I’ve chosen music as my expression,” Thomas explained.

That form of expression has been constantly expanding for Thomas as she’s incorporated additional influences into her already eclectic sound.

“Being in Seattle around so many talented people has been great for me. I have the luxury of being around people who are working on such different projects that it gets my wheels spinning,” she said. “I’ve thought about doing everything from dance remixes to stripping my songs down completely. I haven’t nailed down my official sound yet, and I think its going to take a lot of experimenting to get there.”

Monday night at The Ark will be the perfect opportunity to see Thomas doing what she does best – experimenting and having fun with her music. If you’re willing to take a risk with Rosie, she’s willing to take a risk with you.


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