More than 400 students waited in line yesterday to talk to University President Mary Sue Coleman during the annual President’s Open House at her University-owned house at 815 South University Ave. The line of students started at the sidewalk in front of the President’s House and weaved through several rooms on the first floor where students could talk with Coleman. Students waiting in line could also munch on snacks from stations set up around the house, browse through books in Coleman’s personal library and speak with other University officials, including Provost Teresa Sullivan and E. Royster Harper, vice president of student affairs.

Chris Dzombak/Daily

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After the Open House, Coleman said she enjoys hosting the event each year because she wants students to know that even though she is the president, she is still accessible. “(Students) see that house and I want them to know that I love meeting them and I welcome them to the University and I appreciate the fact that the students take the initiative to come over,” she said. Coleman admitted that while she enjoys the event, she wishes she could spend more time with each student. “Sometimes I regret that I can’t spend more time because everybody is so interesting,” she said. “But I wanted to get through so I could at least shake everybody’s hand.”

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