Along the streets of the city of Detroit, the sounds of rock and roll have always echoed. Motown was a part of the beginnings of the genre and now, just into the new century, Detroit Rock City will be witness to one of the biggest concerts of the summer. Any one of the bands scheduled to take the stage at Comerica Park would pack the seats without problem, but with the combination of talent joining together to rock out to the end of summer, a legend is about to be made. On the night of August 15th, Aerosmith will take the stage along side Kiss and Ted Nugent, with special guest Saliva rounding out the concert that has been deemed Rocksimus Maximus.

Aerosmith, a band made up of Boston natives, has been creating their own legend for more than a quarter-century. Over the years, the band has won three Grammy Awards and eight MTV Music awards, and has just recently been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The band has continued to release new albums throughout the years, but the real accomplishment is that they have continued to attract a huge audience. With some bands, the fans tend to grow up with the band, but the secret behind Aerosmith’s success is that along with their initial fans, with every new album, this band has attracted new fans. Now, with the band’s upcoming concert, the release of their new blues album (due out early next year), and the fact that their fans span two generations, Aerosmith has become a legend in its own time.

Where Aerosmith created a vibrant sound with “Walk This Way,” a song later revived in a collaboration with Run DMC, Kiss invented stadium rock. Dubbed by many as the Greatest Rock and Roll show on Earth, Kiss introduced the use of sci-fi Kabuki costumes, explosive theatrics and garish make-up, setting them in a class of their own. Their hardcore rock and roll became the music of teenage rebellion, and with tours that took them all over the world, Kiss attracted extreme fans that would come to be known as the Kiss Army. Having sold 90 million albums worldwide, and still going strong, Kiss is also a legend among bands.

Aerosmith and Kiss together in concert would be enough to ensure a wild night, but adding to the mayhem of the moment, the concert will also feature the homecoming of rocker Ted Nugent, the Motor City Mad Man. Five decades after the release of the albums that put Nugent’s name on the charts, such as “Call of the Wild” and “Free for All,” this guitar toting madman is still going strong and delivering great shows.

The date is August 15th, the venue is Comerica Park and the concert will be a monstrous rock and roll musical masterpiece, the likes of which could only be deemed “Rocksimus Maximus”.

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