Bob Hunt is not a football player. Actually, he’s not much of an athlete whatsoever. But he is a wannabe soccer hooligan who likes to go on road trips. As a football writer for The Michigan Daily, Bob will travel to each Michigan road game and chronicle his experiences.


• There was really no more fitting place to end “On the Road” than in Los Angeles, where it takes you at least an hour to get anywhere because you have to sit in traffic. No matter what your opinion is of Los Angeles, one thing that no one can disagree with is that there is no place like it. It’s like you’re in one gigantic theme park or something. Southern California (or at least Los Angeles and Orange County) should really be its own country. Then at least Arnold could be president!


• On my first big night out, I was told to head to Prey, which a friend of mine heard was “the hotness on Thursday nights.” I mean, Lindsey Lohan has been seen there, so it had to be trendy, right? What I was not told is that unless you are willing to buy two bottles of Cristal, plan on sitting in the line solely created to make the place look popular. The biggest celebrity seen outside there that night was Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny, who celebrated not being traded by showing off his World Series ring from two seasons ago.


• After an hour in line at Prey, I headed to Saddle Ranch — a bar on the Hollywood Sunset Strip, which, ironically, was the place to be for Michigan faithful. Upon seeing its mechanical bull, I knew that I had to challenge a Longhorn for bull-riding supremacy. A friend of mine and I went around the entire bar looking for an opponent, and we found Stephanie from Austin. I went first and got the surrounding crowd riled up as they started a chant of “The Victors.” I was declared the winner, but, supposedly, had an easier ride. But that’s what you get for being the crowd favorite.


• Everyone I met from Texas the entire trip could not have been nicer, enough to forget the 180-plus hate e-mails I have received from Austin because of a column I wrote back in December. But is it just me, or do Texas accents sound sweet and innocent on girls yet hickish on guys? Just asking.


• I rang in my 2005 at Level 3, this club in the Kodak Theatre mall complex in Hollywood. I don’t really care for clubbing, since it seems like you just burn a hole in your pocket between cover and drinks (and this is everywhere, not just L.A.) — not to mention the $20 spent to have me dance with a pole.


• By far the most underrated thing in Los Angeles is its fast food. One must when visiting Los Angeles is In-N-Out Burger, which doesn’t mess around with its simple menu and fresh ingredients. If there is a better quick food place in America, I haven’t been there. But it makes me wonder, how does such a health conscious area have the best fast food?


• Although I didn’t like the idea of Texas playing in the Rose Bowl, Michigan and Texas made for one of the best college football games ever. The many students who decided not to make the trip missed out on the fun of the Texas football experience, which is unlike anything in the Big Ten. I’m not saying it’s better, but it was great to see. While tradition was put aside, the experience was for the ages.


Bob Hunt would like to thank everyone who helped him make On the Road possible, and he wishes he could mention y’all. He can be reached at


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